Jim’s Speeches

Jim has a few standard speeches, but can modify any of them to suit your audience:

Great CEOs are Lazy

Drawn from the book and over a decade of CEO advisory work, Jim speaks on how great CEOs think and act differently than more average CEOs.  They identify and focus on the kink in the hose – the one thing that is slowing business progress.  And like a hose, when that kink is undone, they go find and undo the next one.

An insightful talk that gives the audience of CEOs and senior executives a different way to think about their job and their time allocation.

Professional Drinking or How to Avoid Embarrassment with the Wine List

As a certified Sommelier and a business person that has entertained around the world for over 30 years, Jim has learned the ins and outs of entertaining around alcohol.  He speaks on the etiquette, cocktails, what to look for in a wine list, how to order – but mostly how not to embarrass yourself in front of your customers and guests.

The audience will leave more confident and comfortable hosting and entertaining with high value clients.

Delegation and Accountability –  How to Get the Most from Your Team

Delegation doesn’t come naturally to everyone and holding people accountable can stretch even great leaders.  Jim talks about simple tools and techniques that can be applied Monday morning to make everyone in the audience a better manager and leader.

They’ll have fun and be able to get the most out of their teams.

Book Available

Great CEOs are Lazy


How do the really exceptional CEOs get more done in less time than everyone else? What’s their technique for getting their work done while still having the time to spend pursuing hobbies and spending quality time with their friends and family?