CEO Peer Groups

Our CEO Peer Groups are carefully crafted according to each company’s company’s size, complexity and the similar challenges these CEOs face. Each CEO brings his or her unique experience from different markets and industries and offers new insight to help other members address challenges. The advice you receive during CEO Peer Group meetings is innovative and practical – because it comes from your peers who understand your challenges and who aren’t afraid to disagree with you in order to help you achieve a better end result.

  Are you struggling with some of these or other challenges as a CEO?

  • Spending too much time in areas of your business that may not be the best use of your time and talent.
  • Worrying that your management team isn’t as effective as it could be, but not sure how to improve it.
  • Growth is slowing and you’re not sure how to get it back on track.
  • Working as hard as you can, but not seeing the results you expect or know you could achieve.
  • Facing a specific challenge, but you don’t have a trusted resource to turn to for perspective and insight.

An insightful talk that gives the audience of CEOs and senior executives a different way to think about their job and their time allocation.

You’re Not Alone … and The CEO Project Can Help

We understand what you’re going through because we have been there ourselves.

The CEO Project is a coaching and peer advisory organization for CEOs. We help CEOs like you solve the management and business hurdles that you face as you grow and add value to your business.



The CEO Project works on three basic principles:

  1. The power of your peers to help you arrive at better answers faster

We bring together and facilitate meetings of true peers who have the relevant experience, drive
and insight to help one another.

  1. Expert Advisors who have run businesses of our own

We understand the challenges you face because we have been there ourselves. We have deep experience in what works when running and growing companies. We also connect CEOs who share common ground and who are able to help each other with advice and expertise. We bring this experience, learning, and ability to you and your business.

  1. results-focused process to guide your efforts to succeed

The CEO Project has a highly effective process and set of tools to guide you in your leadership journey. We have refined our process by working with high-growth companies, many of whom occupy the Inc. 500/5000 lists for years running.

​If you’re ready to invest in yourself and your business, The CEO Project is ready to support you.

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The CEO Project

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Great CEOs are Lazy


How do the really exceptional CEOs get more done in less time than everyone else? What’s their technique for getting their work done while still having the time to spend pursuing hobbies and spending quality time with their friends and family?