By Jim Schleckser

Great CEOs Are Lazy

How Exceptional CEOs Do More In Less Time

How do the really exceptional CEOs get more done in less time than everyone else? What’s their technique for getting their work done while still having the time to spend pursuing hobbies and spending quality time with their friends and family?

The truth is that great CEOs know a secret when it comes to time management. Rather than spending a little time on a lot of things, the best CEOs spend most of their time eliminating the single biggest constraint to the growth of their business. Depending on the challenge, they may play one of five different roles – the Learner, Architect, Coach, Engineer or Player – that together form the archetype for great leadership. This insight isn’t just some theory either; it’s derived directly from working with thousands of CEOs running high growth companies.

So, do you want to keep working hard? Or would you rather get busy being lazy?

Best Selling Author

Jim Schleckser

With 30 years of leadership in business strategy, technology businesses, process improvement, organizational development, mergers and acquisitions, engineering, sales and marketing, he brings experience in leading global organizations in both public and private environments across many functional areas to the table. Jim has been quoted in The New York Times, Time, The Huffington Post and National Public Radio


A fast read, with useful ideas jammed on every page, Schleckser has discovered that the successful CEO is the uncomfortable one. This book shines a light on those discomforts and pushes you to deal with them, not shy away.

Seth Godin, Bestselling Author, “Linchpin”

More Praise for Great CEOs Are Lazy

“Great CEOs Are Lazy” is a brilliant book for anyone that wants to win as an entrepreneur or CEO. Schleckser’s insights are powerful and practical – ripe for growth oriented CEOs wanting to get to the top AND be happy  -Tom Adams, Former CEO Rosetta Stone, Chairman of Pedago and 2009 EY’s National Entrepreneur of the Year.

The author taught me many years ago that to be a great CEO I needed to focus all of my energy on relieving the top bottleneck in my business, one at a time. I learned that great CEOs did not spread themselves around “like peanut butter” trying to touch everyone in the organization.  Instead, a great CEO has the discipline and guts to relentlessly attack the bottleneck until it is removed. Then he or she moves to the next bottleneck…    -Dave Lindsey, Founder & Chairman, DEFENDERS

Schleckser shares the secrets for how great CEO’s elevate their leadership game and guide their business’s performance to the next level. Jim reveals how great CEO’s are lazy like a fox in strategically working “ON” the business versus getting lost “IN” it.   -Jim Haudan, CEO, Root Learning

CEO is one of the highest impact positions, and a wasted minute is expensive.  Using the Lazy CEO approach, you will ensure you have impact every minute you work  -Nancy MacKay, Founder and CEO, MacKay CEO Forums

Jim is the Mr. Wizard of optimizing a business. He helped with mine and I am confident the ideas in this book will help yours.  -Joel Trammel, CEO Khorus

The use of constraint theory to find the pinch point in the business is insightful and powerful for leaders that have the discipline to focus.  -Keith McFarland, Author, #1 Best Seller “The Breakthrough Company” and “Bounce”

How do exceptional CEOs get more done in less time than everyone else? How do they add great value to the business—and still have time for family, friends, and personal passions?  “Great CEOs Are Lazy” shows you how they do it.     -Tom Searcy, Founder & CEO, Hunt Big Sales

Top performing CEOs have a shared, counterintuitive trait – They’re Lazy. Instead of being “crazy busy,” this book shows you how to best leverage your talents to drive more value with amazing efficiency. Discover how to be the leader others want to follow.  -Ian Altman, Bestselling author, “Same Side Selling” and CEO, Grow My Revenue, LLC