Best Selling Author

Jim Schleckser

Jim has worked with many firms to ensure their events are a success as a moderator and as a keynote speaker. Groups from 20 to 1000, he provides an entertaining presentation that will leave the audience thinking and with pages of notes to bring home and act upon.

He is an energetic and popular speaker at national business conferences and corporate events, focusing on the leverage points to improve your business performance.

By Jim Schleckser

Great CEOs are Lazy

How Exceptional CEOs Do More in Less Time

How do the really exceptional CEOs get more done in less time than everyone else? What’s their technique for getting their work done while still having the time to spend pursuing hobbies and spending quality time with their friends and family?

Some of Jim’s recent speaking engagements:


  • 8 City CEO Performance Series for SAP
  •  8 City Entrepreneurship Series for Alibaba
  • Keynote Growco, “Grow Your Company” Conference
  • Moderate Growth CEO Panel for Salem Five Bank
  • Webinar on CEO Performance for Bank of America
  • 4 City Series for Chase Bank on Team Performance
  • 6 City Series on Growing to a Billion Dollar Firm for SAP
  • Keynote Inc 5000 Conference on Business Model Improvement
  • Keynote CEO Conference for Roark Capital
  • Keynote “Going for Growth” event for American Airlines
  • Moderate “Exit Strategies” Inc 5000 event for Harris Williams
  • Keynote for Destinations International
  • Business Model Teaching for Youth With A Mission
  • Keynote for Virginia Council of CEOs

A fast read, with useful ideas jammed on every page, Schleckser has discovered that the successful CEO is the uncomfortable one. This book shines a light on those discomforts and pushes you to deal with them, not shy away.

Seth Godin, Bestselling Author, “Linchpin”


“Great CEOs Are Lazy” is a brilliant book for anyone that wants to win as an entrepreneur or CEO. Schleckser’s insights are powerful and practical – ripe for growth oriented CEOs wanting to get to the top AND be happy 

Tom Adams, Former CEO Rosetta Stone, Chairman of Pedago and 2009 EY’s National Entrepreneur of the Year


I learned I needed to focus all of my energy on relieving the top bottlenecks in my business, one at a time. Great CEOs did not spread themselves around “like peanut butter” trying to touch everyone in the organization.  Instead, a great CEO has the discipline and guts to relentlessly attack the bottleneck until it is removed. Then move to the next bottleneck…

Dave Lindsey, Founder & Chairman, DEFENDERS